Help your patients sleep easy: Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTI) program

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

CBTI is a comprehensive clinical program for insomnia. The program is designed to help you quickly expand your services beyond sleep–disordered breathing diagnosis and care and enable your facility to establish a reputation as a leading sleep resource in your community.

The ready-to-implement program allows you to start interacting quickly with insomnia patients while reducing your investment of time and resources. Through weekly meetings with patients and discussion of the CBTI tools and techniques, your facility's designated "sleep coach" will help patients learn the fundamentals of sleep, how to obtain quality sleep, and how to manage sleep on their own once the program ends.

By integrating educational materials, proven cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, and easy-to-use assessment tools – including the Actiwatch ambulatory actigraphy system – the CBTI program provides everything you need to start empowering your insomnia patients to go from frustrated and sleepless to sleeping easily.

CBTI brochure [PDF]

CBTI slide presentation [PPT]

Using Actiwatch

Woman using Actiwatch

Actiwatch is an objective tool for assessing and comparing a patient's sleep/wake patterns before, and during, the CBTI program.

Learn more about Actiwatch for CBTI.

Tools and Materials

Therapist Workbook and Patient Workbook brochure covers

Reference binders, reading materials and worksheets are provided for the therapist and patient before and during the CBTI program.

Learn more about CBTI tools.